Sunday, 3 March 2013

You're A Star

If you follow Jelly Button on Facebook (and if not go now and follow here) you will have seen I have set up a Just Giving page to raise money for a good cause.  I love helping out charities so I am offering a bracelet to everyone who donates, the worthy cause this time is Parkinson's UK; however, I plan to do raffles and similar things for other charities in the upcoming months.

My reasons for donating to Parkinsons UK can be seen in a previous blog. My Dad is a very special man to me and if raising money can help find a cure so other people don't have to go though what he has then it is worth every penny of my own money I use to fund these incentives.

If you would like to do your bit for charity and get a cute bracelet in the process, please go to my Just Giving Page.

In other more selfish news I have been lusting over some bits and pieces I would buy if I had the pennies.  It's a whole 6 months until my birthday so I may have to keep dreaming for now.

TeeShirt - Brat and Suzie
Skirt - Topshop

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