Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Goodies

Is anyone else spending the weekend in? Well I am but don't worry I am more than happy to spend it listing new products! I've had a box full of items ready to go on the site for weeks now, and I've finally gotten round to listing them (well some) so take a peek and head here to browse.

I have also regained my zest for making frames, this is yet to be listed online but if you would like a custom one please get in contact (please put FRAME in the subject line).

I have also had a brill new site designed, what do you think? :) 

And finally remember to enter the competition!! 

Enjoy the weekend!!

Michelle xx


  1. That frame is absolutely amazing! I love all of the little bits and pieces. xxx

  2. I love your frames, been trying to resist getting one for so long but think I may just have to give in pretty soon! :) xx