Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ones to watch

For me a watch was something that I couldn't get used to.  As a little kid I know I wore them, and somewhere I still have the remnants of a Turtle's watch that amazingly had interchangeable straps - Leonardo was the best!  But as a teen I couldn't stand them; my dislike continued for years.  I guess like most people I tended to rely on my phone, thinking that a watch was simply unnecessary.   However, I'm now definitely a convert.  They not only help me to be punctual, they also are an excellent accompaniment to any outfit.  For most guys a watch is the one form of acceptable jewellery/accessory.  For me I think it gives you that extra touch of class or style.

I'm now going to give you a rundown of my favourite watches from my own private collection.  Over the years I've always gone with my gut and chosen items that I personally like.  Most of them are classic shapes and styles that are highly wearable; although, there is the odd exception.  Labels are nice but I air on the side of more affordable luxury, but if anyone out there would like to buy me a Rolex I wouldn't complain.
Probably my favourite watch, and the one that means the most to me, is this funky D&G watch.  I inherited a small amount of money from my Granddad when he passed away, and I set out to buy something as a kind of keepsake.  I'd actually seen a friend wearing this watch, but he had the metal chain-link version.  As soon as I saw the TV test card face I wanted it so I had a look online.  Then when I found it in white I HAD to buy it!  This truly is a statement piece that just oozes cool.  In search of a bargain I bought the watch online from Nigel O'Hara and paid £99.00, back in October 2010.  There are few places which have it in stock now but I did see it listed on Amazon for £64.95, which if you ask me is a steal!
With an attractive metal mesh strap this stunning modern watch looks good with almost any outfit.  To be honest this purchase snook up on me.  I was walking through Debenhams when this caught my eye, and now it's mine - oops!  Although their are alternative shapes and colours available I thought this was the best because black is highly wearable and the shape is sleek.  In store at Debenhams it cost £80.00 back in August 2011.  Prices seem to be exactly the same and you can pick it up for £79.99 from STORM or the Watch Shop.
The classic black dress watch is an essential for most men.  This watch grabbed my attention with its detailing.  The leather strap has a reptile skin patter that makes it that little bit different.  I also loved the tiny accents of blue that highlight the hands on the dial and also the winder.  I bought the watch in May 2012 from Debenhams and I paid £84.00.  The best price I can find where the watch is in stock is at the Watch Supermarket for £85.50.
This simply elegant watch is one I am mad about.  I saw it ironically on an MSN article called Best watches for men under £200.  As I scrolled through I saw this beauty.  Straight away I was taken aback by the colour, which is the main reason I bought it.  It matched so perfectly a dark blue three piece suit I had got from Topman.  Simply put it's clean, classic and a definite must have item.  I bought the watch in June 2012 as a post birthday treat.  It cost £100.00 and I got it direct from Simon Carter, and I can't find it cheaper anywhere else.

I hope you've enjoyed having a glimpse at some from my own private collection.  I love them and hope you do to.


Neil x

p.s. Keep a look out as we're soon going to be introducing a selection of unique fashion watches to the Cherry Rainbow site!  I've already got my eye on one (or several) for myself.

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