Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tea for two

For most people the thought of having an afternoon tea would be a delight, but when the only hot drink you like is hot Vimto and the only tea you like is a Long Island Iced Tea it's not as exciting.  However, with the inclusion of champagne I was easily persuaded.

I'd seen the champagne afternoon tea advertised on Cloud 23's Facebook page (see here).  Michelle and I have been a few times for various different things, and typically we book in advance using the guest list (see here).   Each time we treat ourselves to the odd cocktail or two, but if you book in advanced you are given a 45 minute slot which means that it's best used as a stop-gap before you head out or perhaps a nice end to a night after a meal.

Cloud 23 is a lovely place to go if you fancy a little luxury.  For our afternoon tea we were booked in to the Iris lounge.  It was refurbished not that long ago and it does ooze class and refinement.  Most people, it seemed at least, were having lunch with their mothers as an early Mother's Day treat.   I wish I could say people thought that about me and Michelle but clearly she looks too young – better way of saying I look too old!

As far as the service goes I'd have to say it was excellent.  The staff were very courteous and attentive to our needs; although one man was rather jovial with us – did he sense we were common folk?  We did our best to dress for the occasion, with Michelle adopting the persona of Cruella Deville.  I, however, was practically head to toe in my Primark wears, but I think I looked rather dapper and styled myself well enough to pass for one born of proper lineage.

As far as the food goes Michelle's review was pretty much on point.  As a fussy eater – I blame my parents – I was thankfully to find the inclusion of some small but perfectly formed ham sandwiches.  Although, I often find expensive food to taste not only rich but at times sweet, peculiar I know!  Perhaps this is just a private delusion of what expensive food is like?

My favourite part of most meals is the dessert, and that was true of this afternoon tea, excluding the champagne which was yummy!  The desserts were delicious, even the unusual banana flavoured macaroons.  I'd agree with Michelle that the scrummy scones – pronounced with an extended 'O' – smothered in lashings of clotted cream and jam were the perfect embodiment of a quintessential English afternoon tea.

All in all this was a wonderful afternoon and there is no one I would rather spend it with.

Neil x

p.s. Michelle has used all the good photographs so I've chosen to just use the one.