Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to get freebies

Someone asked on one of my Instagram photos how I managed to get so many freebies, so I decided to put together a bit of a list.

1. Enter Competitions.  Now this might sound obvious but somebody has to win them, so why can't it be you?  I have recently started entering and at first I expected that I would win lots for no effort, however after a few months I realised that it is better to enter with the expectation of NOT winning because then you won't be disappointed but MAY be happily surprised.  This method obviously takes time and effort, however it can be quite addictive once you get into it. Be aware entering so many will generate lots of spam mail, it may be worthwhile setting up a separate account for this.  There are several websites which link to different competitions that are happening, I recommend joining the Competition Club on Facebook.

2.  Review Products.  There is a site called BzzAgent that send out samples for you to try and review, using this I have received some E45 body lotion, McVities Biscuits, Vanish and Colour Catcher products.  You have to fill in a few surveys before your 'score' is high enough to receive anything but once you do there are often new campaigns by top brands.

3. Product Swap. If you are lucky enough to be good at a craft there are often craft swaps available, the best way to find one is to follow craft organisations via Facebook & Twitter.  Bloggers often set up Parcel Swaps too, you have to buy someone else a gift so it isn't free, however the fun of receiving a parcel more than makes up for this.  At the moment T*Rexes & Tiaras is doing a Spring Green Swap so why not take part.

4. Join Freebie Sites.  Now and then big companies send out free samples, I'm guessing for promotional purposes, I have recently received a handbag size sample of a new Lacoste Perfume and some Korres moisturiser sachets.  Don't expect full sized products but these are great to take away or to try before you buy.  I got my Korres samples from here (but be quick they will be gone soon) and to keep up with other freebies follow UK Freebies on Facebook.

Finally most people will expect me to put 'Blogging' as number 5 on the list, however this is not a good reason to start up a blog.  In order for companies to send you out products for review you need to have enough followers to make it worthwhile for them, and in order to gain followers you need to have a blog that's enjoyable to read.  There is nothing worse than someone who churns out generic review after review, clearly just after free stuff, if you like reviewing then maybe sign up to Dooyoo or Ciao who pay you for doing so.  Of course the odd review is informative but not if it is biased in order to receive a gift.  Of course once you have gained enough followers by writing a blog you find gratifying to maintain and others enjoy reading then companies may just surprise you to some lovely items.

Hope that helps and why not take the first step by entering our current competition.

Michelle x

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